You're Struggling to Create Momentum in Your Business. It Feels Hard.
  • You just don't get the time to focus on the things that you're great at doing and the things that you love doing
  • You're constantly having to do everything yourself
  • There's not enough hours in the day
  • You're often firefighting urgent jobs
  • This business thing is sucking the life out of you
    ... but there is a solution ...
Make Growing Your Business Easier With an Affordable Virtual Assistant
Why You Really Need a General VA Right Now ...

Your business grows

... because you don't have to do the low-value tasks

You get to focus on work you love

They allow you to focus on what your really great at (your genius) by taking all of the repetitive work off your hands

Work becomes more enjoyable

The experience of growing your business is more enjoyable because you're not doing stuff you don't like doing

They help keep you focussed

They help you manage all of the details of the business so you can do the big picture stuff

They energise your work environment

The energy that two people create is more than what one can create. It fuels your day ... keeps you motivated

They're totally affordable!

General VAs cost a fraction of what it would cost to employ someone locally. They allow you to grow your business without taking on high overheads.
Having a team lightens the load ... it lifts. Just like how geese fly in a V-formation ... in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone. Ready to fly?
BUT ... If You've Ever Had a VA Before Then You'll Know This Pain ...

It's hard getting to do things right

You don't really know all the things that's it's possible for them to do or the standards to which they should do it. It can be really time consuming getting things to the right standard.

It's hard giving them direct feedback

Being direct and communicating with them can be messy ... especially know they are so far away ... they can just "walk off the job" without consequences.

They just don't get your business

They just don't understand "you" and what you do ... and they never seem to get into sync with what's going on.

It's Hard Being a Lone Ranger

You ... your VA ... Lone Ranger. It can be lonely for both of you and that feels hard.

Reading Minds is Difficult

Defining their work can be super-challenging. They don't read minds. They're waiting on you to tell them what to do ... and you're expecting them to be helpful ... so how does that work?

You never know if they're taking advantage of you?

How do you know if they're really doing the work ... or efficiently? There's no system for keeping them focussed and creating one that works is hard.
"If you're doing work that potentially won't create more than $100 of value an hour, then you're doing the wrong work ... and that's what you should start to outsource first." - Christopher M Duncan
We recruit General Virtual Assistants for clients, fully train them ... so you can focus on what you're really great at
PointB ASSIST General VA Recruitment
What WE do ...
  • We will advertise and recruit a General VA that fits your personal energy and personality.
  • We will train that VA in general assistant tasks and also in tasks that are specific to you. The tasks will mostly be of a repetitive nature, as listed in the "Menu of General VA Tasks." They'll know clearly what to do ... and when to do it.
  • We will provide you with a system to communicate with your VA and manage the workflow. We will provide training and ongoing support for this.
  • We will train your VA weekly how to work with you and communicate effectively. We will also provide training and ongoing support for this.
What you GET ...
  • A fully-trained General VA to make your life easier.
  • They will work 20 hours a week for you. The VA will remain a team member of PointB Education and we will provide them with ongoing training and development.
  • A short 8-Part Video Training Series that shows you exactly how to work successfully with your VA. It shows you how to preparation for your VA; how to work with them day-to-day to get the work done; how to communicate with them; and how to continually add more work to their daily rhythm without overloading them.
What YOU do ...
  • You will need to provide us with a list of general (repetitive-type) tasks that you want done. We have a simply template for you (a menu)
  • You will need to provide us all of the elements listed on the "Recruitment Preparation Checklist" so we can attract a VA that's a fit for you. It includes a basic "hello" personal introduction video and background information about your business
  • You'll need to follow our system for communication and managing workflow so that your VA enjoys their work experience (otherwise they'll likely leave and you'll miss out on a lot of the value that someone familiar with you work rhythm contributes).
YES! I Want To Make Things Easier Now!
ONLY available to current clients of PointB Education
"I was a business owner struggling to manage everything screaming for my attention - social media, e-mail, work, team and clients. The holy grail for me was a system, and people who ran it, that just worked. PointB ASSIST did just that for me - by taking a bunch of tasks from my hands, especially those that were repetitive and which I disliked, and in fact were not my expertise - and just automating and making it work, so I have peace of mind, and more importantly a whole lot of freedom back. PointB ASSIST is the only team I have 100% confidence in to outsource my business to to grow my business, and you should too!"
Imran Mohammed
Co-Founder of Street Smart University and Fast Business Growth Expert
"Before PointB ASSIST, I found myself running around in circles spending my day doing things that I didn't enjoy, and that weren't bringing in revenue. Thanks to PointB ASSIST, I've been able to automate my business and focus on higher value activities. This has enabled me to scale my business and have more time to enjoy doing what matters most to me."

Fazil Musa
Co-Founder, Street Smart University
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